A Leading HTML5 Company


BLUEGA: our business

HTML5 is rising as the new standard on web and mobile, and that is just what we do here at BLUEGA!  We have leading HTML5 core technology including game engine, related games and UI framework, and an experienced team full of talents. Come and find out what you can achieve with BLUEGA.


Game Publishing and Distribution

If you want to put our game on your webpage, or work with us to distribute our games, we are always ready to talk with you! We are looking for advertisement revenue share or non-exclusive licensing agreement. We would also be glad to develop or co-develop HTML5 games with you. Please contact us at jpark@bluega.com for more information.


HTML5 Game Development

From match puzzler to tower defense to vertical-scrolling shooting games, our lineup of HTML5 games boasts high quality and consistent performance. With our own BXG(TM) Game Engine, we can reliably develop HTML5 game titles that can run on any web environment with one source code – PC, Mobile Web, iOS, Android, webOS, anywhere! Contact us for HTML5 game development or co-development.


Android Home Launcher

BLUEGA Coral is an HTML5 WebOS Shell Framework that is developed to create program manager applications, or home screen, for Android smartphones and tablets. Find out about the whole new possibility of Android User Experience, built with BLUEGA Coral: Celebrity phone, Kids phone, Senior phone, and more! Contact us for Android Home Launcher, built for your users.


WebOS Application and Home UI

Beyond the browser, HTML5 is quickly growing into the mobile space with the emergence of web-based operating systems such as Firefox OS and Tizen. BLUEGA is ready to make your project truly shine in this new land of opportunity. Check out the applications and Home UI, built by BLUEGA and running seamlessly in Tizen and Firefox OS. Come talk to us to make applications or home interface for WebOS.


HTML5 Web Application

Web application has already arrived as the standard way to provide scalable and portable service, and it is becoming more and more accessible by market leaders like Google and Facebook. Build your web application with us and take advantage of BLUEGA’s powerful HTML5 UI Framework. To develop web application with us, contact us today.