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Sample Game – Snake!

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Very basic game example for showing overall game structure of BXG at a glance.
From this sample game, you can learn about:
  • how to use basic game elements, such as Game Control, Game Object and so on.
  • how to manage assets such as images and sound.
  • how to define and handle input device events.

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New version of BXG Core 1.0.1

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The updated new version of BXG Core javascript library is now available.   For more detail information, refer the updated BXG core developer guide and API reference.

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Tilemap Sample Games

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Try our sampleĀ games based on BXG release-2 Tilemap Engine.
  • Sample Game Knight: 3-layered orthogonal tilemap game
  • Sample Game World: 2-layered and 4-sublayered isometric tilemap game

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Sample Game – Shooting!

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2-layered 1-way buffered scroll example using BXG
From this sample game, you can:
  • Understand how to use the various BXG game object classes.
  • Understand the collision detection scheme between game objects.
  • Understand how to create the game objects gradually as the map is scrolled.
  • Understand how to handle the game object's sprite states depending on its behavior.

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