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Introducing MAP/LEVEL Editor
How to use BXG MAP Editor

How to use BXG LEVEL Editor

Step By Step
Step By Step
  • Step1. Create a new level.
  • Step2. Select one of the sub-layers, then place game elements(tiles) to it.
  • Watch the video.
  • INFO : To placeĀ game elements (tiles) to a sub-layer, useĀ “CTRL key + Mouse click”.
  • INFO : To move game elements (tiles) in sub-layer, use “Mouse long click and move”.

Sample project(Knight, World)
  • Step1. Download samples.
Knight-Orthogonal World-Isometric
  • Step2. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  • Step3. Launch BXG MAP Editor.
  • Step4. Select “Add Project” in BXG MAP Editor top-left corner to open project drop box.
  • Step5. Select project folder that is in unzipped folder.
  • Step6. Drag one of the list in the project folder, and then drop it to BXG MAP Editor project drop box.
  • Watch the video