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Aspen Editor

AspenEditor is a slide-based editor for HTML5 interactive contents. You can edit very interactive contents on HTML5 web browser and publish it asHTML files. It means that you can edit it from any place and play it on any device with browser. You can save it in your local PC as HTML file, store and play it with your cloud storage, or publish it onto your web site.

To edit interactive contents, Aspen Editor supports these functions:

  • Scripting in core JavaScript
  • Defining interactive actions on input events
  • Variety of transition effects between slides and layers in object
  • Sprite animation
  • Controlling HTML5 video, audio and YouTube video
  • Controlling multiple layer and state of object


Currently, using Aspen Editor, we are providing 3 public services to edit interactive HTML5 contents at http://aspenux.com.



Complete version even with scripting for

highly interactive HTML5 content, such as educational and promotional game, Web app, interactive catalog, mobile app prototyping, …


Or download from Chrome Web Store


Aspen Slide

Easy-to-use version for

HTML5 interactive presentation, E-learning content, Media/audio book, News/blog post, …


Or download from Chrome Web Store


Aspen Picturebook

Compact version for

HTML5 or EPUB3 interactive animated picture book, cartoon, …


Or download from Chrome Web Store

  1. Hoseok Cha /

    I’m Korean. I work in Fdesk.Inc. in Seoul, Korea
    I want to buy 3 copies of Aspen Editor.
    Please inform me how to buy.
    Thank you.

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