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Healing Tarot

Healing Tarot is a Launcher Application that provides Tarot theme and Tarot reading, using the deck specially made by renowned Astrologist Stella Kaoruko. Features include:

  1. Today’s Horoscope: daily updated, provided by Horoscope widget
  2. Card Gallery Widget: updates today’s card for phone background image
  3. Tarot Class: learn about the stories behind each card and how to read Tarot.
  4. Free Tarot: try your luck with Stella’s own Tarot! (6 sets total)
  5. Tarot Life: Tarot reading service for each situation in life – for singles, for couples, love life, and more.
  6. Tarot Game: a puzzle game, illustrated with the beautiful Tarot deck.
  7. View Finder: see your favorite star’s horoscope with Stella’s art of astrology.



Product Info

Title Developer Base Platform
Healing Tarot BLEUGA HTML5/JavaScript
Language Orientation
Korean Portrait





Tarot Menu


Free Tarot

Today’s Horoscope


Execution OS/Platform

OS/Platform Run-type Resolution Audio
Android Hybrid-app 800×480 720×1280 Full

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