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Technical notes on “Twinkle Pop”, HTML5 game

This document is to share technical factors of “Twinkle Pop”. It is a standard HTML5 game and runs on various execution environments.

Twinkle Pop” is developed based on standard HTML5 specifications using HTML5 game engine, BXG. BXG supports multiple HTML5 renderers to achieve the best performance for the game on each device. And, regarding to the device API, it also supports HTML5 standards, WAC and proprietary WRT for Android and iOS.

By BXG, “Twinkle Pop” can run on these execution environments with one source code.

HTML5 Renderer Audio API Input device
HTML5 Audio
BXG proprietary – Android
BXG proprietary – iOS

By these, it can run on Android, iOS, IE8, IE9, FireFox, Opera, WAC WRT and WebKit-based browsers, such as, Chrome, Safari, etc.

Distribution channels

For a game, the distribution channels are very important. To maximize the strength of HTML5, the game should be able to be deployed onto many channels with one-source-code.

Currently, “Twinkle Pop” has been deployed to these channels and here are detailed configurations.

Chrome web store

HTML5 Renderer Device API< Resolution FPS
DOM Audio – HTML5 Audio
800×480 30
Packaging: CRX

Google Play

HTML5 Renderer Device API Resolution FPS
DOM Audio – BXG proprietary
Packaging: Android app by BXG-RUN

Apple App Store

HTML5 Renderer Device API Resolution FPS
DOM Audio – BXG proprietary
960×640 20
Packaging: iOS app by BXG-RUN


HTML5 Renderer Audio API Resolution FPS
DOM Proprietary(Flash)
761×562 30
Hosted as Facebook app


HTML5 Renderer Audio API Resolution FPS
DOM Audio – HTML5 Audio
(zoomed from 800×480)
Packaging: TIZEN widget

Level designing

Twinkle Pop” is a hexagonal map game. And it uses the hexagonal map engine and level editor of BXG.

It has 8×8=64 game levels currently. All are designed and emulated with BXG level editor which is also HTML5-based. The levels are stored as JSON file format, and it can be downloaded dynamically from a game server or be embed into the package file.


BLUEGA Inc, is a leading HTML5 company.

For games, we develops a javaScript game engine(BXG), portal framework and HTML5 games. Regarding to HTML5 technology, we are highly focusing on cross-platform running of games on each execution environment of device.

  1. Cosmin /

    Hi guys, can you provide more details about this game? Or a tutorial/sample code on how it was done? I’m interested especially in destroying bubbles, and destroying unconnected bubbles.

  2. ganppath /


    I want to make the same game in phonegap. I have good knowledge in phonegap web apps. This is my first game app.
    Kindly provide ideas for html5 / game endgine / etc…

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