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Twinkle Pang (Christmas Ver.)

There’s a pang! Match and eliminate gems of same color in this season-inspired classic.

Twinkle Pang is a classic puzzle title developed by BLUEGA. Player must swap gems and match the same color three-in-a-row; matching more than three will grant players special gems with exciting effects. Eliminate as many gems as you can in a given time, and compare score with your friends!

Seasonal versions of Twinkle Pang will also be released throughout the year, decorated with holiday-inspired designs (Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc.)

Twinkle Pang (Christmas Version)


Game Info

Title Genre Game Control
Christmas Twinkle Pang Puzzle match-three PC:Mouse
Developer Language Orientation
BLUEGA English Portrait
Base Platform





Gameplay (combo)

Game Over

Execution OS/Platform

OS/Platform Run-type Resolution Audio
Android Hybrid-app 480×800 720×1280 Full
iOS Hybird-app 640×920 Full
iOS Browser 640×960 Partial
PC Browser 761×600 Full/Partial
TIZEN Web-app 1200×720 Full


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