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Twinkle Pop

“Look! There is my planet, shining right above us. But it is so far away!”

Twinkle Pop takes the classic bubble puzzle to a whole new level with beautiful graphics inspired by “The Little Prince” and exciting gameplay features such as items and special bubbles. With our Social features, players can also compare their scores and progress in game with friends.

Twinkle Pop is available in two different versions: story mode loaded with 64 stages and endless mode.


Game Info

Title Genre Game Control
Twinkle Pop Puzzle
Bubble Shooter
Developer Language Orientation
BLUEGA English Portraitb
Base Platform




Select Planet

Gameplay (portrait)


Gameplay (landscape)

Stage Complete


Execution OS/Platform

OS/Platform Run-type Resolution Audio
Android Hybrid-app 480×800 720×1280 Full
iOS Hybird-app 640×920 Full
iOS Browser 640×960 Partial
PC Browser 761×600 Full/Partial
HD Web-app 720×1035 Full
TIZEN Web-app 1200×720 Full


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