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What is pieOS?

  • Browse Smarter : Smartphone touch interface in web browser
  • Browse Easier : Bookmarks are easily managed as icons
  • Browse Everywhere : User information is stored in the cloud, enabling same user experience on any browser, any device


Product strength

  • pieOS is thoroughly designed to provide web with smartphone-like, user-friendly touch interface – click, long-click and drag. All features of pieOS are intuitive and easy to use.
  • pieOS uses one HTML5-based source for Smartphone, Tablet and PC, so it can be used perfectly the same way across devices.
  • It only requires user email to sign up and fully enjoy all features of pieOS.


pieOS is based on BLUEGA Coral : WebOS Shell Framework

  • BLUEGA Coral is a framework to build HTML5-based shell, and it can be used as program manager, home screen, or desktop.
  • BLUEGA Coral can be used to build a homescreen interface with window, icon, widget, folder and flickering.
  • BLUEGA Coral is based on standard HTML5 so it can run on any browser-core such as WebKit, Mozilla, Opera and Microsoft IE
pieOS Technology



IconpieOS stores each URL as an icon, just like apps on smartphone – click on the icon opens the web page. User can manually type in the address or drag URL into the pieOS window to add favorites.
FolderpieOS allows users to organize icons and widgets in folders. pieOS automatically creates “system” folders such as “Chrome Folder”, “Google Folder” to store Chrome extensions and Google apps.
WidgetpieOS supports various widgets such as search, Facebook, videos, RSS, etc.
WallpaperpieOS page can be customized with wallpapers! User can choose from wallpapers provided by pieOS or any image on Web for background image.


Business Opportunity

Power your web business with high compatibility and versatility of pieOS! pieOS is an innovative personalized homepage service with touch interface based on BLUEGA’s HTML5 core technology. pieOS can provide various web solutions from landing page for cross-device web site to device OS program manager. pieOS enables a diverse new ground of user experience environment for mobile apps, web-apps and cloud contents. Please contact us for further information.

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